lissascloset (lissascloset) wrote,

Other Things That Don't Fit Anywhere Else

Haven't gotten pictures yet:

Gold Cayon Candles:
Sugar Cookie
Fresh Cut Grass
Root Beer
Autumn Walk


Fossil Wallet - Was Really Hard To Find

Large Turtle Pillow - PENDING

From Hallmark - Can Change Day/Month

Picture Clip

Couples Sexual Card Game

Brand New - Cat Treats

Shoe Pads

Leather Kechain - Brand New - MY RIDE
I also have a hot pink one and black one that says 2006

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Size 36 - Black Sparkly Belt From Hot Topic

Candle Holder & Candle

Leopard Print Plate Tray - Decorative For Sitting Around

Breast Cancer Bear - Bought at USPS - Tag is chewed by my dog

iPod Sock - Fits Mini

I have tons and tons of these mini erasers

Tattoos - I have tons of these too

Lots of these too!

& I have tons of these! Mini pencil sharpeners.

Pretty Hearts Dangle All Over

Kitty Cat Frame

I don't know how to describe these. Tiny totes?

Opened Once. Got For Christmas.

I have 2 Packs - Unopened

SEX - Card Game For Couples (For more info email me -

Gold Canyon Tealight Candles - Orange Mango

Colored Index Cards - Still In Package

L - Luggage Tag/Key Chain (It's large)
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